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Understanding physics of the universe - basics!
Inviting you to this different image of space, I would like you to form a fresh image of the universe, step by step, as will be described below, leaving behind the picture that we have formed in our mind so far.

A Galactic Cluster ( This is the furthermost picture of the universe, that our most advanced telescopes have shown us! ).

A galactic cluster, shown in the above picture, contains millions of galaxies besides our Milky Way, all arranged in a particular pattern just like the bulk of molecules arranged in a particular block of matter on earth. If we observe from such a distance, we can see that the Galaxies behave like powerful Giga-atoms which are formed by trillions of stars and their planets rotating and revolving in spirals. Stars and planets actually exhibit the characteristics of Big protons and electrons!

A single galaxy: Observe the size of stars in comparison with the galaxy.

Well, I'm calling the stars, mega-protons because of their large collection of H+ ions which, in a fusion reaction, form He+ions, leaving tremendous energy, giving out the electromagnetic radiations, part of which form the light that is visible to us. Stars are positively charged and they have more positive energy compared with the planets. And the planet earth is such a vast collection of electrons that it can neutralize large positive charges from its atmosphere and also from the plug sockets in our homes!
Now if we observe from such a distance, we can see that ' those mega-electrons ' which revolve around those ' mega protons ' are what we refer to as planets and stars! And they form the basic building blocks of each galaxy, as we can see in the above image of a galaxy, called 'the sleeping beauty'!

Now we have neutron stars also, which behave like mega-neutrons!

What I'm trying to say is that such powerful mega-protons, mega-neutrons and mega-electrons are revolving around the centre of a galaxy, producing tremendous electromagnetic radiations which are beyond our wildest imagination! And each such galaxy, millions of them, form the galactic cluster and we don't know what these galactic clusters are arranged to form because, there, even our wildest imagination ends, despite our technological advancement.

Radiation and magnetism of a proton star. Trillions of such stars revolving in a single galaxy should remind us of the tremendous electromagnetic activity of a single galaxy.

The solar system is just one proton star or mega-proton, surrounded by its mega-electrons, as seen in the image below.

And these mega-protons and mega-electrons are made up of micro-protons and micro-electrons arranged as atoms, which were considered as the fundamental units of matter, so far!.

There are 118 elements in each of these stars and planets. These are the elements which form the physical structure of a human being, and all the other creatures and materials present in our environment. And each of these elements have their basic building blocks, called atoms. Atoms which consist of protons, neutrons and electrons!

Now these fundamental units of matter called Atoms, have Quarks and Gluons inside them. Quarks and gluons are particles with different properties of forces of attraction.

Diagramatic representations of Quarks and Gluons. Remember these are situated inside the protons and neutrons.

  • Click me To know more about quarks

  • Till the present time, we have discovered 4 layers of molecular array. First we have the layer of Galaxies, inside each galaxy we have mega-protons/stars and mega-electrons/planets, inside each star and planet, we have protons, electrons and neutrons of which we are well aware of, and inside each of these protons and neutrons, we have quarks and gluons!! In between these magnificeint molecular structural arrangement, our living space is limited to a few kilometers on, above and below a Mega-electron, that we had been calling Earth!

    The limits of this living space, I would like you to consider as the horizontal frames of the window through which we are looking at the world! At the same time we have to remember the molecular array above the upper frame of the window and that below the lower frame, so that we can compare, so that we don't forget the narrowness of our space window!

    For a journey within our limited space window,
  • please click here. (View the Milky Way at 10 million light years from the Earth. Then move through space towards the Earth in successive orders of magnitude until you reach a tall oak tree just outside the buildings of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Tallahassee, Florida. After that, begin to move from the actual size of a leaf into a microscopic world that reveals leaf cell walls, the cell nucleus, chromatin, DNA and finally, into the subatomic universe of electrons and protons. may have to download java for viewing this. Its worth the wait for broadbands!)

  • Perception Window:

    We have to understand the perception window, as the limits of human perceptions, like vision, hearing etc. We can only see light between violet and red, the colors of the rainbow. Light beyond this wavelength of 380 nanometres to 740 nanometres is not only invisible to us, but it disintegrates the physical constitution of a human being, starting from our genome!

  • Click me To know more about human visual perception

  • Just like this, the energies of sound, pressure, temperature all provide us a definite range, only within which we can exist and beyond which, we disintegrate!

    I would request you to consider this range of perception, within which we can exist, as the two vertical frames of a window, through which we are looking at the world around us! We can call it the Perception Window !

    And we can compare the nano-status of this range to the mega-status of the energies which are outside our perception window! Eg the wavelength of visible light ranges around 380 to 740 nanometers ( 1 nanometer is 1/1000th of a millimeter ) and our visual window is [740 minus 380] only 360 nano meters wide !!

    Its about time to talk about Time!

    Through the above mentioned window, the so-called perception-space window, we have been traveling through time since our birth!

    But what do we mean by time?

    Our time exists just because the earth is revolving and going around the sun. That gives us 24 hours and 365days. The time is different when we go out from this solar system.

    By the time we complete 24 hours on earth, how many times would an electron in a sodium atom inside your body, go around its nucleus!

    By the time the solar system goes around the milky way once, the earth would have gone 2,25,000 times around the sun! ie. it takes that many years for the sun to complete one revolution around the centre of the milky way galaxy! That means, one year of the entire solar system equals 2,25,000 earth years!

    How many earth years will there be in one day of the galaxy?!!

    The higher we go up in this molecular array, time appears to become slower for us earth inhabitants! More importantly, time, as we know it, exists only on this mega-electron, just because it is going around that mega-proton in that particular speed and orbit!

    To an organism made up of atoms of the size of galaxies, its one day will be our millions of years!

    If you are able to form the 3-D image of the perception - space - time tunnel of a human being, from the data given above, then, most importantly, you can visualize the limits of the Perception-Space-Time tunnel, that is our own, as an individual, as a human-being, is very very meager!

    But what's still more important, is the fact that How these facts are relevant to the Human race?!
    Let's come to that.

    Problems begin

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